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I am so glad to be able to reside at Armstrong Senior Living. I am treated like family, very well cared for. I enjoy all the activities and the food is great. If you
are looking to move and don't want to worry about anything, Armstrong is the place for you. Being involved here gives me new life. The staff is very loving and offer an active healthy life. They take care of all our needs.

Betty Penrith

a resident since 2007

Vienna Gardens is a beautiful home that is loaded with fun and educational activities. We have such a warm and friendly environment at Vienna Gardens.
The staff is very helpful and comforting all the time.

Bertha Main

a resident for 9 years

I have worked at Armstrong Senior Living for six years and I truly feel the residents are more like family to me than anything. It is so rewarding to walk in
each day and see their smiling faces.

Tammy Wise

Kitchen Assistant for 6 years

Forced with the challenge of no longer being able to reside in my own home I needed to find a new place to live. At Armstrong Senior Living I do the things I
enjoy. Meeting new people and reuniting with some old friends. I feel spiritually enhanced. Keeping a good attitude and being active helps me stay healthy and happy. Good food, pleasant surroundings, lots of socialization and good administration in the office. What else could you ask for!

Betty Cill

a resident for 3 years

I have had more fun in the past six years working with seniors than I ever thought possible. Every day there is a smile, a laugh, or a big old hug from
someone. I love hearing the stories of "the Good Old Days" from them."

Jody Spafford,

Activities Coordinator for 6 years